The Estonian finals

We went to the Estonian finals on the 9th of March, and it was really fun! The competition was in another town called Tartu and we had to drive there for a long time. The actual event happened in a science centre named Ahhaa, so that was really awesome, because we got to play with all the exhibits.  We met with a lot of newcomers and decided to give them a few tips on their project. We also saw teams with the same solution of growing plants in space, but with the exception of the dust. We got an award for our project research, and everyone was happy with the result. Our project presentation was really good, but unfortunately, our robot game didn't score as many points as it could have, so we ended up 5th. What we know though, is that we were nominees for the master title. The thing that everybody liked and fondly remembers is the mirror maze, because seeing your reflection so many times was dizzying.