Robot Game​



Last year we had a robot where it was hard to attach mission solutions. Changing took a lot of time. For this year we searched ideas for the robot where it is easier to attach.


Our robot


The robot that we made is enclosed with the frame which allows the robot to drive against the wall straight. It is easy to attach mission solutions to the frame. We tried to not use over 10 seconds for the changing (5-second rule(5 for putting 5 for taking off)). On the robot, we have 2 large engines for moving, one small engine for solving missions, 2 color sensors for driving until the robot sees a line and a gyroscope for turning and driving straight.


Our missions







For the semi-finals, we had solutions that weren't ready yet. The final run was freshly made and it didn't work well.




For the final, we remade some of our solutions. Robot drove too far or too close from the tripod and the water treatment plant. We put water treatment into the first run where our robot is going straight against a wall and we made the tripod mission more stable. Because water treatment now works we needed to collect the water so we made a new run. Our maximum points were 275 points and our best try was 215 points




In the finals, the second run didn’t work (Flow, filter, rain). We made a new solution what was more stable and faster. We added water collection to our mission list. We needed a motor for that, but the motor was used for the tripod so we put it also into the first run. In the third run, we made a solution to collect the sludge and also removing and its replacement.