In finals, our team got set up pretty well. Although someone knocked down our prototype from the table and we had to rebuild it. We finished building it just before the project presentation, and it worked well. Our project presentation went good, and we got to share fliers and keychains. Then came the first robot game. We scored 210 points, what unfortunately were our best score. When the friendship night came, we taught everyone a dance. The next day, the coaches came and looked at our box and program, and they said they were good. When the remaining two robot games came, we got 200 and 190 points. Our robot got into the robot game finals and won them. When the awarding ceremony began, we thought we would get like a projected prize or something. But instead, we got nothing. I was enthusiastic, we would get the second or the third place, but instead, we got the first place. We were so so so so so happy.